CINOPTICS offers complete OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) services in combination with its R&D department CIN-ergy. We can be your partner for custom made designs for electronics, optics and integration. Our comprehensive OEM package contains micro displays, display electronics and optical units to build your own unique NTE applications. All OEM systems we offer are highly flexible, reducing risk and accelerating time to market. All electronics are designed and produced in-house. Our engineers have the required expertise, tools and equipment at their disposal to support integration and installation in any system. Our complete development cycle support includes electronics production.

Key advantages:

  • Develops tailor-made (electronic) solutions to the customer needs.
  • Over 20 years of experience in HMD (AR and VR) technology.
  • Complete design and production of HMD’s and electronics in-house, to achieve latest technology and highest possible quality.
  • From idea to concept to prototype, 4-8 times faster than other OEM competitors.
  • Optional integration of specific sensors/systems in the Head Mounted or Handheld Display.
  • State of the Art assembly line: mounts components with small footprint like 0.4mm BGA and 0201.
  • All products meet CE and UL specification and comply with all requirements of the Dutch law regarding Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment and the RoHS Directive.
  • Production processes are compliant with standards such as ISO 9001 for quality control.