• Treatment and Research

Cinoptics Medical creates practical solutions for Healthcare Specialists and Medical Researchers. For several years Cinoptics Medical has been collaborating with various Technical Universities and Academic Hospitals on the development of Medical products.

We also participate in research projects where Virtual or Augmented Reality can be useful and offer innovative solutions to clinical settings that want to increase efficiency.

List cooperation with Medical Institutes or Universities include:

 Technology In Motion (TIM) Project – The aim of this project is to develop innovative ICT technologies that facilitate uniform evaluation of motor function and to embed these technologies in medical practice, both in diagnosis and treatment. Link:

•  Smart Glasses for Parkinson – This project is a collaboration between the Donders Institute, University of Twente, the Netherlands Institute of Neuroscience (Amsterdam), the company Cinoptics and Health Fund NutsOhra.
Links: UT Nieuws Magazine Mei 2015 (in Dutch) and 0.8 million euro for research into congenital amaurosis and light therapy in Parkinson’s disease – Donders Institute

 Smart glasses for the elderly – Cinoptics recently received a grant from the Medical Innovation Netherlands Germany (INTERREG) to design and build smart glasses for the elderly. Project partner include Radboud University  in Nijmegen, University of Twente in Enschede and University Munster in Germany.

•  HelpMeSee – Together with Moog Cinoptics have designed and manufactured a Virtual Microscope for a MSICS Simulator.


News:   Breaking Ground in Beijing — Medium
Can Virtual Reality Be the Next Thing in Curing Blindness?

•  VR Pain Relief – Cinoptics currently has done 5 pilot projects whereby VR is used as Virtual Distraction for patients with severe Burn wounds. The projects are based on the research done by Dr Hunter Hoffman at the University of Washington. – HITLab Projects : VR Pain Control
Pilots locations: University Hospital Copenhagen (DK); Martini Hospital Groningen (NL); University Hospital Leuven (BE), University Hospital Genk (BE) & University Hospital Antwerp (BE). Video:

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  • IRIS – Virtual Microscope
  • NOTUS – Head Mounted Microscope Camera
  • COBALT – Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display