CINOPTICS at ITEC 2017 Exhibition

ITEC 2017 was a great succes for CINOPTICS. We had many visitors stopping by at our booth, strategicly located at the exhibit entrance and part of the impressive Holland Pavilion. We would like to thank everybody who had the opportunity to visit us. You can read more about it in our newsletter.

CINOPTICS introduces the SMART-EYE and wearable PC at ITEC 2017

SMART-EYE, the new standard in mobile Augmented Reality, is a Monocular HMD and has been developed in cooperation with twnkls for Dutch Law Enforcement. It is the world’s first Full HD AR Monocular system with camera, combined with a wearable PC.

CINOPTICS demonstrates the SMART-EYE and Wearable PC at ITEC 2017, from May 16-18 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.