CINOPTICS at ITEC 2017 Exhibition

ITEC 2017 was a great succes for CINOPTICS. We had many visitors stopping by at our booth, strategicly located at the exhibit entrance and part of the impressive Holland Pavilion. We would like to thank everybody who had the opportunity to visit us. You can read more about it in our newsletter.

Successful introduction of Simulated Virtual Binocular during ITEC

ARGON_IMG_2_870The latest version of ARGON was officially introduced to the market during the ITEC 2016. The Simulated Virtual Binocular (SVB) can be used within various training applications and environments. From weapons and vehicle training systems to ship bridge simulators.

In all simulators it gives you the ability to zoom in for more details in the simulated environment and combined with an accurate motion tracking system, it gives you a clear view in all directions. The ITEC Demo received a lot of positive reactions, such as “ultra-sharp and high quality image” and how well the viewing angle represented the real binoculars.

The ARGON has been completely developed in-house and installed with our latest technology. It is expected that the market for high quality SVB will grow as simulation is used more and more for training, but also combined into existing and new simulation projects for day to day training, like upcoming “Joint Fires Training Simulation” programmes.

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