Virtual Rifle Scope Simulator

Cinoptics can design a virtual Rifle Scope Simulator for the Defence market.

(The Virtual Rifle Scope pictured is a Schmidt & Bender PMII 5)

Possible product specifications:

  • Field of view: ~40ᵒ diagonal
  • Display: OLED 1280×720 (720p)
  • Color depth: 24bpp (true color), Brightness: 200 cd/m2
  • Contrast ratio: 1:10,000
  • Display diameter: 0.71”, Pixel pitch: 12.3 µm
  • Interface: USB
  • Orientation tracking: 3 DOF IMU
  • Programmable buttons
  • Power consumption: 2W

Product Description

If you are interested in this product, please contact us for more information.